๐Ÿ”“Lock Explorer

Lock explorer makes it easy to identify blocking sessions during blocked session issues, along with the associated queries and locks.

By continuously monitoring lock activity, Datasentinel offers insights into your databaseโ€™s state and assists you in addressing issues by generating blocking scenarios that give comprehensive information about lock activity during blocked session incidents.

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How it Operates

Lock explorer is enabled by default and requires a minimum agent version of v3.2.

Datasentinel performs a check every minute to determine if there are any blocked sessions. If a blocked session duration exceeds the specified delay (default is 30s), a blocking scenario is generated and sent to the platform.

A blocking scenario includes the identification of the blocking session, the locks held, the current query at the time of check, and the properties of the blocked sessions.

The blocking scenario is then updated every minute until it is resolved.

Lock monitoring can be enabled or disabled and the delay can be adjusted through the agent Agent CLI or Agent API.


When a blocking scenario occurs, a graphical annotation is added to the main dashboards to highlight the problem. This annotation displays information about the blocking session and the number of blocked sessions. By clicking on the dashboard link, you can access more detailed information.

The Blocking Scenarios dashboard presents an overview of current session activity in the main graph.

The bottom portion of the dashboard is split into two sections.

On the left, you will see a list of all blocking scenarios that occurred during the selected time frame. Simply click on a scenario to access its detailed information.

The information displayed for each scenario includes:

  • Details of the blocking session, including its current query and the locks held at the time of the scan made by Datasentinel.

  • The number of blocked sessions and details about each, including the waiting lock and current waiting query.

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