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Consolidated View

One of the standout features of Datasentinel is its ability to provide a consolidated view of multiple instances concurrently.
While most tools focus solely on individual PostgreSQL instance monitoring, Datasentinel provides the additional benefit of a consolidated view
Consolidated View is available across essential dashboards like Session History, Top Queries, and Top Tables.

High-Availability (HA) Architectures

Imagine you have a High-Availability architecture composed of a primary database and multiple read replicas. By utilizing Common Tags, Datasentinel enables you to analyze the workload across the entire HA setup. This means you get insights into how the data flows, resource usage, and potential bottlenecks in a unified dashboard, simplifying your troubleshooting efforts.
Discover an example in this Blog Post that demonstrates how to monitor AWS RDS instances within a HA architecture that employs cascading replication.
Consult another example in this Blog Post for further guidance on monitoring High-Availability (HA) architectures

Other Use-Cases

Furthermore, the tool gives you the flexibility to have a global overview of all instances, be it instances running in production, those located in the same datacenter, or even instances managed by the same cloud provider. Such comprehensive insights can be invaluable for optimizing resource allocation and performance.

Drill-Down for Analysis

You still have the ability to drill down into the metrics and workload of any specific instance for a more detailed analysis. This gives you a balanced perspective, from high-level overviews to low-level diagnostics, ensuring that you have all the data you need for effective performance tuning.

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