๐Ÿ“ŠSession History

Datasentinel periodically samples active sessions, enabling in-depth analysis of your workload.

This feature allows swift identification of resource-intensive sessions/queries, pinpointing slowdown sources, and determining CPU, IO, and other resource consumption.

The dashboard presents data in a multi-dimensional manner, offering options for time selection, time zooming, and tag-based filtering for enhanced visualization and analysis.

Session sampling is done every 10 seconds

Automated Tags are generated through the active session sampling process on pg_stat_activity

Tags provide additional context and categorization to the data, allowing for more detailed analysis and insights.

Within the dashboard, three small charts are prominently displayed, allowing you to select Cluster or System Metrics for correlation. Refer to Metric Correlation section for more details

๐Ÿ”€pageMetric Correlation

For comprehensive insights into wait events and their types, hover over the description tooltips as documented here.

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