Simplified pg_instance Display

Created by Datasentinel, the pg_instance tag is a unique identifier for your instance across the platform.
It's the concatenation of the server name or the fully qualified domain name (FQDN), followed by the @ symbol, and ending with the instance name. (example: pg-cluster-01@crm_prod)
This tag is essential for quick identification of your database instances.
Sometimes, the FQDNs can be lengthy and cumbersome. They can clutter your user interface, making it challenging to quickly locate the information you need.

Customizable Display Options

Starting from version 2024.01, you can effortlessly manage the display of the pg_instance tag using a newly introduced checkbox in the general dashboards.
Choose to view:
  • The full pg_instance name
  • Only the Instance name A streamlined view for instances where the FQDN is known or less relevant, keeping your interface clean and focused.
The Filter bar and dynamic Filter fields continue to be smoothly integrated with the pg_instance tag, ensuring efficient and streamlined navigation.