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Error message: “502 Bad Gateway”

An error message 502: Bad Gateway’ is displayed when attempting to access the user interface.
To ensure that all components are operational, execute “status_datasentinel” while logged in as the owner of datasentinel.
$ status_datasentinel
datasentinel_backend.service loaded active running Datasentinel backend API
datasentinel_dispatcher.service loaded active running Datasentinel Agentless
datasentinel_grafana.service loaded active running Datasentinel grafana daemon
datasentinel_influxdb.service loaded active running InfluxDB service
datasentinel_postgresql.service loaded active running Datasentinel PostgreSQL instance
nginx.service loaded active running A high performance web server and a reverse proxy server
A 502 error from nginx indicates that the proxy server was unable to establish a connection to a local component on another port, either grafana or the backend.
The most common reason is a firewall issue, especially SELINUX
Check to see if the firewall on the Linux machine is blocking traffic on the port you are trying to connect to.