Datasentinel offers the flexibility to be used either On-Premises or in SaaS mode, with or without agents, enabling you to choose an architecture that best fits your needs.

Datasentinel is also available on various platforms including AWS Marketplace, Docker, Kubernetes



The platform is composed of several components, including:

  • The timeseries database InfluxDB, responsible for storing metrics.

  • Grafana, a visualization software equipped with an embedded PostgreSQL v14 cluster.

  • Datasentinel frontend and backend applications, accompanied by an API and agents.

During the platform installation, all components are seamlessly embedded and set up.

PostgreSQL Clusters

Prerequisites for Monitored PostgreSQL Clusters:


You have the flexibility to choose between using either the Agent-based, Agentless, or a combination of both methods to monitor the metrics of your PostgreSQL clusters.

Install on as many platforms as you'd likeโ€”there are no limitations.



With SaaS, Datasentinel hosts a dedicated machine, allowing users to access the software via the internet without the need for infrastructure or hardware investments.

Agents need to be installed. The agents can be configured to use a proxy server if needed.

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