Datasentinel can audit the actions performed by your declared users on the platform.

You can thus know the Datasentinel modules as well as the selected instances with their date of use.

Convenient if you want to delete inactive accounts for example

Configure Audit

On a new installation, the audit is enabled with a retention of 60 days.

  • Open tools menu

  • Click on Global settings

  • Then

  • Activate/deactivate Audit. When active, specify days to retain audit actions.

  • When active, Datasentinel collects every user action including the module name as well as the selected PostgreSQL instance

View Audit

  • Open tools menu

  • Click on Users

The Last Use field of declared users displays the last action date performed by each user.

All of the user actions can be viewed by clicking on the usage tab.

Actions grouped by user and PostgreSQL instance. Optional: add by day and/or module for finer details.

The Number of uses column displays the number of times it has been used.

Actions can also be viewed at the user level.

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