๐Ÿ“กAgentless Monitoring

Datasentinel offers an agentless approach for remote monitoring of PostgreSQL clusters, eliminating the need for local agent installations.

How it works

Within the Agentless architecture, the platform establishes remote connections to PostgreSQL clusters through internal agents and gathers data using the PULL method.

This becomes particularly advantageous for monitoring cloud-managed clusters as well as PostgreSQL instances running in containers such as:

A hybrid architecture that integrates both agent-based and agentless methods is feasible.

Using this approach, system metrics like CPU usage, memory usage, swap, network activity, and I/O operations are not monitored unless the system_stats extension is installed.

Add Connection

Through API

Please consult the API documentation for further information

๐ŸงฉpageConnection API

Through UI

Open tools menu:

Click on Agentless settings:


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