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Datasentinel facilitates hourly collection of relations, supporting a Dimension-Based Analysis approach

By default, Datasentinel deactivates collection for PostgreSQL instances with over 1000 tables. You have the flexibility to control this collection behavior by adjusting the limit number.

Table Dimensions

Finely analyze your tables among the following dimensions:

  • Tuples

  • Size

  • Sequential scans

  • Index scans

  • Seq. scans rows fetched

  • Index scans rows fetched

  • Heap buffer blocks hit

  • Heap disk blocks read

  • Index disk blocks read

  • Index buffer blocks hit

  • Inserts

  • HOT updates

  • Updates

  • Deletes

  • Dead tuples

  • Live tuples

  • Tuples modified since analyze

  • Frozen xid

  • Age frozen xid

  • TOAST buffer blocks hit

  • TOAST disk blocks read

  • TOAST buffer index blocks hit

  • TOAST disk index blocks read

Explore deeper by drilling down into a chosen table to access both historical and index statistics.

Interactive Demo

Index Dimensions

Finely analyze your indexes among the following dimensions

  • Index scans

  • Index buffer blocks hit

  • Index disk blocks read

  • Index scans rows fetched

  • Index scans rows read

  • Size

  • Drill-down into a selected index to view its historical statistics.

Within the dashboard, three small charts are prominently displayed, allowing you to select Cluster or System Metrics for correlation. Refer to Metric Correlation section for more details

๐Ÿ”€Metric Correlation

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