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Monitoring User

Version >= 10

create user datasentinel password 'myPassword';
grant pg_monitor,pg_read_all_settings,pg_read_all_stats to datasentinel;
If you intend to use the option for terminating a session directly from the User Interface
grant pg_signal_backend to datasentinel;
It's important to highlight that the user doesn't write data in PostgreSQL Access is confined to read-only permissions solely for retrieving metrics.
For Version < 10
The user must have the role superuser
create user datasentinel password 'myPassword';
alter user datasentinel with superuser;

File pg_hba.conf

  • Add authorization for the monitoring user to connect to all databases with a password
host all datasentinel md5
The user needs to be able to connect to ALL databases.
  • Reload the configuration

SSL connection

Only Available when using the Agentless method
You can configure the monitoring user to use SSL connections to your PostgreSQL instances
Here are the steps to follow:
  • Navigate to the Agentless Settings section of the UI
  • Ensure that your connection name starts with ssl (for instance, "ssl_crm_production").
  • Transfer the certificates to the /datasentinel/ssl directory on the platform.
  • The name of the certificate files must be standardized starting with the name of the connection, as below
  • Change the access permissions: chmod 600