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Predefined Providers

DataSentinel allows users to associate their monitored PostgreSQL instances with specific providers.
By assigning a provider Tag to an instance, you can easily identify and filter instances according to the platform they are hosted on, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, or Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.
Omitting the provider tag is also an option.

How it Works

In the Agentless approach, the user interface offers a pre-configured dropdown list for effortless provider selection for your instance.
Predefined Providers
For alternative configuration methods, such as Agent-based or API approaches, specify the provider Tag and choose from the predefined options available
  • amazon-aws
  • microsoft-azure
  • google-cloud
  • fujitsu-enterprise-postgres

Interactive Demo

The user interface is enriched by adding provider icons next to each related PostgreSQL instance, simplifying both navigation and instance recognition
Feel free to request the addition of new providers that align with your needs.